Todays post is in English, so, people who live in Finland but doesn't understand Finnish can find out too about The Municipality Elections 2017 and what sort of candidate I am.


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Municipal Elections (in Finland)

Right to Vote and Compilation of the Voting Register


I was suprised how little bit information there is about the elections in English. I must admit that the way how the website is telling about the rights to vote, was difficult to understand for myself too. So, I made that information to more understandable form with a goal that I would myself understand it if it was me living in the country whose languange I do not understand.

I hope that this practical act of sharing this information in English too shows itself one quite important role which The Greens do have in Finnish politics: bring more equal status to the immigrants who lives in Finland.

All in all, I think that the clearer the message is, more better, no matter what language you are talking about. Especially in politics. People would be much interested to influence to society if they would understand better what is going on.

What comes to the English, there are only a few people in the world who speaks it as a mother tongue. Most of us just has learned it in school. So keep it so simple that everybody can understand it easily. It is also an equality issue.



About me

I am a quite new person in politics and my plan is to bring some fresh winds with me. I'm 28 years old and live in Vantaa with my man and our dogs and cat. I study Information Technology in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. My hobbies are drawing, writing, skiing, travelling and voluntary work for animal welfare and the organization of animal stories hobby activities.


About my politics

To me the welfare of the living creatures - not just us human beings, but animals as well - is the issue number one. I think all the political decision-making should be based on that, how the society can keep care of it that every person and every feeling creature has a life that is worth to live.

Nowadays there is too little bit talk about animal welfare in politics, though, that our everyday life is always connected with it. In the municipal policy it means the development of animal welfare controls, adding vegetarian food in schools and to encourage better animal production in the public procurement.

The human rights and equality of different groups of people should matter much more in everyday political decision-making. In practice this means that we must take into account the special needs of groups such as elderly, young people, children, people with disabilities, sexual and gender minorities, people with low income, immigrants, women, men, and at all everybody who are part of our society.

Economics, of course, is important if we want to have the resources to keep care that everybody has a good life. It is important to find ways to make the economic situation in Vantaa better. People should have better possibilities to get a job and make careers. I give my full support for the basic income model of the Greens that would let people more freedom to take jobs without worrying to get lower money than if they stay out-of-work.

The care for the environment is also important. We should invest in a safe green energy production such as geothermal energy, wind power, solar power and so on. The reduction of private car using by improving public transport is one of my main campaign themes as well. You might have seen this poster somewhere:


The main points of the poster:

- There is at all direct bus lines from (North) Vantaa to Sipoo and Espoo.

- In zoning there should make enough parking places to apartments that car owners can let them car home during the work day.

- The road pricing would only interfere with the flow of traffic and that would just increase emissions and would affect to the professional traffic as well.



If you would like to ask something from me, I will happily answer with email hanna.p.makinen(at) or you can just comment this blog.

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